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Confessions of a Frigid Man
A Philosopher’s Journey into the Hidden Layers of Men’s Sexuality (2005, 2013, 2017 Tokyo Philosophy Project)

Masahiro Morioka

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Confessions of a Frigid Man: A Philosopher’s Journey into the Hidden Layers of Men’s Sexuality

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Chapter 3
Why am I Attracted to School Uniforms?

Section 1: The “psychological structure” of men who are attracted to school uniforms

1. Girls’ school uniforms

In April of 2004, Kazuhide Uekusa, a well-known economist, was arrested for allegedly (he maintains his innocence) being caught in the act of using a mirror to look up the skirt of a first year public high school student. During his trial at the Tokyo district court, it was revealed that he possessed many photographs and videos of women in school uniforms. Uekusa was forty-three years old at the time of his arrest and thus belongs to my generation. I have attended conferences with him and cannot view this incident as involving someone totally outside my circle.

There are thought to be many men who, regardless of their own age, are attracted to girls’ junior high and high school uniforms. A “school uniform” genre of pornography has been established, and there are presumably a very large number of men who masturbate while looking at photographs or videos of girls in their school uniforms. Even looking at the flyers for sexual services deposited in my mailbox, I have noticed some that offer to send an adult prostitute in a school uniform to your home. An editor once whispered to me in the back of a taxi, “Why are school uniforms so sexy?,” and this comment has remained lodged in my mind ever since.

Flight attendants and “office ladies” [a Japanese term for women who perform clerical and administrative tasks in an office setting, sometimes abbreviated as “OL”] also wear uniforms, but the iconic “girl in a uniform” is the female school student. This is evinced by the fact that if you do a multi-termsearch [in Japanese] for “uniform” and “photograph”on the Internet ninety percent of the results returned will be for sites featuring images of girls’ school uniforms.

In order to further investigate the mysteries of the “frigid man,” in this chapter I will delve as deeply as possible into the question of why men are attracted to girls’ school uniforms. I myself understand the feelings of men who are attracted to school uniforms. I do not commit these sorts of crimes or collect uniforms, but I have no trouble understanding the psychological mechanisms at work in men who find uniforms alluring. I would like to put these mechanisms under a microscope and examine them very closely. I suspect a startling “psychological structure” will emerge as a result.

2 The refreshing and thrilling properties of girls in school uniforms

One day while I was investigating the question of where the appeal of school uniforms lies I visited Matsumoto City to attend a symposium. I had some free time, so I took a walk near the train station and discovered a building with a high school uniform hanging in a display window. This uniform was comprised of a white shirt with a red ribbon attached to the collar, a blue vest, and a pleated plaid skirt. I stood in front of the window looking at the display. As I did so, a sensation of refreshing coolness filled my body, as though a crisp breeze had blown through my chest, and the shiver-inducing thrill of looking at something shameful. I wondered what exactly was causing these sensations.

After looking at the display, I continued walking to a café in the train station, and on the way there, I passed many girls in school uniforms. But these somehow grownup-looking girls, or in other words real, living and breathing girls in their school uniforms, give me almost none of the refreshing, thrilling sensations I had felt moments before. They were flesh and blood girls with physical bodies, and I could not feel in them any trace of the aura created by uniform in the display window.

When my work was done and I returned home, I found that collections of photographs of girls in school uniforms I had ordered to aid in the writing of this book had arrived. I opened them and right away began to look through them. They were full of images that brought on the same feelings of refreshing coolness and excitement I had felt when looking at the display. The girls smiling out at the viewer were flawlessly pretty.

The girls in these collections of photographs were much better looking than normal high school and junior high school students. In other words, in order for a girl in a school uniform to be thrilling and refreshing she must be good-looking with a pretty face. In the real world, one almost never encounters such girls. But if I did come upon such a beautiful girl among the students in uniforms walking down the street, I might feel in her the appeal of the school uniform. The allure of a school uniform is completely dependent on the face of the girl wearing it.

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