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Professor of philosophy and ethics at Osaka Prefecture University, Japan.
Director of Research Institute for Contemporary Philosophy of Life, OPU.

Meaning of life is incomparable

A new paper entitled “Is Meaning in Life Comparable?: From the Viewpoint of ‘The Heart of Meaning in Life’ ” has been uploaded. In recent analytic philosophy, many philosophers argue that one’s meaning in life can be compared with others, however, I believe it is wrong in a sense. In this paper, I propose the [...]

Manga and Philosophy

An English translation of my 2013 book “Manga Introduction to Philosophy” is finished. We are now looking for a publisher.
The text and original drawings were made by me, and professional cartoonist Nyancof Terada made final cartoons for me using his PC. This is not a book that illustrates the history of philosophy or great [...]

Frigid men and their sexuality

A complete translation of my book “Confessions of a Frigid Man: Miniskirts, Lolicon, and Male Sexuality” was finished.A provisional translation had been uploaded but this time it was renewed.A professional translator translated it for me.
You can read part of the translation here: am going to add a preface and a new postscript for English readers.This [...]

Principle of wholeness

Today I went to Michigan State University to give a talk on “brain death, the concept of persona, and the principle of wholeness.” This seminar was broadcast live on the Internet, which was recorded and uploaded online on the website of MSU.
The recording of “Brain Death, the Concept of ‘Persona,’ and the Principle of [...]

Japan, Land of Herbivore Men?

On September 26, I went to Western Michigan University and gave a talk on “hervibore men” in English.I had expected ten to fifteen audience members, however, more than 100 people, almost all of them were students, came to hear my talk.
I was very surprised to see a huge audience.After my talk, young students on the [...]

Persona and herbivore men

On Sep.20th and 21th I gave talks at Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan: on brain death and the concept of persona and its relation to the philosophy of Tetsuro Watsuji on 20th, and on Japanese “herbivore men” on 21st.
“The Concept of Persona in Bioethics and the Philosophy of Tetsuro Watsuji”
On both days [...]

What is human dignity in the age of biotechnology?

The paper “Human Dignity and the Manipulation of the Sense of Happiness
: From the Viewpoint of Bioethics and Philosophy of Life”, Masahiro Morioka, Journal of Philosophy of Life Vol.2, No.1 (March 2012):1-14, was uploaded. You can read the entire paper at:
“If our sense of happiness is closely connected to brain functions, it might become possible [...]

What is narrative responsibility?

A paper by Takanobu Kinjo and Masahiro Morioka entitled “Narrative Responsibility and Moral Dilemma: A Case Study of a Family’s Decision About a Brain-dead Daughter” was published in the journal Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 2011.You can read the entire paper at: Generická ViagraThe following is an abstract:”A brain death case is presented and reinterpreted using [...]

Human beings have the right to grow and die in the form of wholeness

My paper “Natural Right to Grow and Die in the Form of Wholeness: A Philosophical Interpretation of the Ontological Status of Brain-dead Children” has been published in the journal DIOGENES in 2011. You can read the entire text at:
The following is an abstract:
“In this paper, I would like to argue that brain-dead small children have [...]

Human dignity and happiness

This November I am going to NY and give a presentation on human dignity and the sense of happiness at a bioethics conference. The following is an abstract of the presentation.
Some Preliminary Remarks on Human Dignity and the Manipulation of the Sense of Happiness
Masahiro Morioka, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
If our sense of happiness is closely connected [...]

Herbivore men (herbivorous men) phenomenon

I have moved to Wordpress.I am going to update this blog once or twice a month from now on.
I have completely reconstructed the layout of the main site,, and joined Twitter and Facebook.I will try to tweet once a day.I have uploaded a page on the “herbivore men” phenomenon in recent Japan.This became a buzzword last [...]

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