Meaning of life is incomparable

A new paper entitled “Is Meaning in Life Comparable?: From the Viewpoint of ‘The Heart of Meaning in Life’ ” has been uploaded. In recent analytic philosophy, many philosophers argue that one’s meaning in life can be compared with others, however, I believe it is wrong in a sense. In this paper, I propose the concept of “the heart of meaning in life” and this cannot be compared with anyone’s meaning in life. This is a logical conclusion.

The following is the abstract:

The aim of this paper is to propose a new approach to the question of meaning in life by criticizing Thaddeus Metz’s objectivist theory in his book Meaning in Life: An Analytic Study. I propose the concept of “the heart of meaning in life,” which alone can answer the question, “Alas, does my life like this have any meaning at all?” and I demonstrate that “the heart of meaning in life” cannot be compared, in principle, with other people’s meaning in life. The answer to the question of “the heart of meaning in life” ought to have two values, yes-or-no, and there is no ambiguous gray zone between them. I believe that this concept constitutes the very central content of meaning in life.

You can read the paper here:

- Masahiro Morioka

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