Persona and herbivore men

On Sep.20th and 21th I gave talks at Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan: on brain death and the concept of persona and its relation to the philosophy of Tetsuro Watsuji on 20th, and on Japanese “herbivore men” on 21st.

The Concept of Persona in Bioethics and the Philosophy of Tetsuro Watsuji

On both days many people, not only university faculties and students but also local citizens, attended the seminars. On the first day I talked for an hour in English and had a discussion for 30 minites, and on the second day I talked for an hour in Japanese and had a discussion in Japanese and English for about an hour.

Both discussions were very interesting to me. On the first day about 50 people came. On the second day, surprisingly, more than 20 people came despite my oral presentation was made in Japanese. This was probably because many students who are studying Japanese culture have curiosity about gender and sexuality issues in current Japan.

There I met graduate students who are doing research on such as the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, Japanese sex trade shops customers, and homeless people in a Japanese city. I hope their fieldworks in Japan will be successful.

–Masahiro Morioka

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