Herbivore men (herbivorous men) phenomenon

IĀ have moved to Wordpress.I am going to update this blog once or twice a month from now on.

I have completely reconstructed the layout of the main site, Lifestudies.org, and joined Twitter and Facebook.I will try to tweet once a day.I have uploadedĀ a page on the “herbivore men” phenomenon in recent Japan.This became a buzzword last year, and many international media reported about the concept and its cultural background.In Japan, herbivore men are generally considered to be young boys such as those illustrated in the below picture.This is the front cover of my book, Lesson of Love for Herbivore Boys (2008).Anyway, if you are interested in “herbivore men” in Japan please visit the page:http://www.lifestudies.org/specialreport04.htmland let me hear your comment.This is a fairly interesting topic for gender studies and men’s studies.The above book was a byproduct of my gender studies and life studies.At the moment I am concentrating myself on a new book on philosophy of time and being.

And I am now preparing for a new project on philosohy of life at our university.I will write about it soon here.– M.Morioka www.lifestudies.org

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