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Diary Oct. 2004
Morioka's personal diary
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I have just finished revising the manuscript for a new book on sexuality. Now I think I will have time to update this site and check the translation of my paper. Anyway, I read the famous Kinsey report, Masters&Johnson, Helen S. Kaplan's new sex therapy, and other interesting books and articles written in English and Japanese. This was a very precious experience for me because if I had not written this book, I would have not read these books. I have gotten a lot of "knowledge" about sex and male sexuality...

Among these, I found the book, The Multi-orgasmic Man, written by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava, very interesting, but I don't want to follow their path. I want to let out, release myself, and get a peaceful feeling. They were correct when they distinguished "orgasm" from "ejaculation," but they followed a wrong way when they pursued a multi-orgasmic man.

Anyway, I wrote about topics like this, and other contemporary pathologies such as "rorikon" (lolita complex), "seifuku fechi" (school uniform fetishism) etc. This book will be published probably next Spring in Japanese. I plan to translate it and upload to this site.

Photo: An Autumn festival. You can see Bonboris, Japanese lamps, and barreled sake.

What's New: Nothing.

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Today I attended a lecture by Professor Paolo Becchi at Kansai University. He talked about a brief history of brain death and organ transplantation in Italy. He also talked about the philosophy of Hans Jonas and his attitude toward brain death in 1992, when a pregnant woman became brain dead in Germany. He said he thinks highly of Japanese law on brain death. This is the second time I have met him. He said he is in a minority on this issue in Italy...

A new paper on brain death was uploaded.

Photo: In a subway station

What's New: Current Debate on the Ethical Issues of Brain Death .

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