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Diary Aug. 2003
Morioka's personal diary
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A new book will be published in October this year. The title is Painless Civilization: A Philosophical Critique of Desire. You can see a summary of this book and the table of contents. I coined the words "painless civilization" for criticizing contemporary society and civilization that seem to endlessly eliminate our pain and suffering. Is this tendency good news, or bad news? This will be the most controversial book I have ever written. It took almost eight years to finish writing this. Samples of an English translation will be uploaded here in the future. I believe those who are interested in contemporary philosophy and the philosophy of life will find this book very interesting. I am going to put more information about this book on this website. I am looking forward to reactions from a Japanese audience and mass media this fall.

Photo: Fireworks at Umeda, Osaka city.

What's New: Summary of Painless Civilization: A Philosophical Critique of Desire.