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Diary May 2003
Morioka's personal diary
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May 6

I am going to Tokyo to join the USA-Japan bioethics conference mentioned before. I am looking forward to seeing researchers from the USA. The conference begins from 8:30 a.m., I am afraid that I may sleep during the meeting... because I have classes until the late evening of the previous day, and after that I will fly to Tokyo, so I will arrive at the hotel at midnight... (T_T)

Photo: Balls floating on the water.

What's New: Alireza Bagheri,M.D., A brief History of Medical Ethics in Iran added to Comparative Study of the History of Bioethics.


May 21

I attended the USA-Japan bioethics conference and gave a presentation on prenatal diagnosis and "fundamental sense of security." The discussion was mainly about Japanese Eugenic Protection law that continued to exist until 1996. Anyway, I stayed two nights at Akasaka, near Roppongi, Tokyo, and came back to Osaka. I want to talk about the idea of "fundamental sense of security" (see this paper) again before an international audience.

Photo: Space Odyssey at Osaka....

What's New: Nothing.